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Twilight Real Estate Photography – Add Opulence to Your Outdoor Space

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

One of the safest and simplest ways to draw customers' eyes is hiring a veteran real estate photographer with unparalleled experience in shooting twilight real estate photography in Florida.

What is a twilight photo?

A twilight photo is taken at dusk to capture the illuminated features of the property's exteriors. It accentuates things like fire pits, pools, landscape lighting, and even sunsets.

Twilight Real Estate Photography is great for a property that has features that can be shown against a Western sky. For other orientations, a sky replacement may be necessary, but the evening illumination of the home will still be prominently featured.

Twilight photography shows the property lighting that a buyer doesn't see when taking a tour of the home in the daylight. Taken at the perfect time of day when the illumination of the exterior features is balanced with the glow of the windows and the landscape lighting, a twilight photo is one of the more difficult shots to execute. But because there is only one twilight shot in every 50 or 100 property listings, buyers are more likely to click on it and inquire about the property.

Homes with a lot of outdoor lighting or water areas, such as a pool or a lake, are ideal for twilight shooting. Thanks to the contrast between the blue/orange evening sky and warm interior lights, a skilled photographer is able to capture beautiful shots that are truly amazing. Note that a Virtual Twilight option is also available for about 1/3 the cost. However, it does not render landscape lighting very well, if at all, and interior details that can be seen through the windows in an actual twilight photo may not be displayed as well. That being said, not every property benefits fully from actual twilight photography, and Virtual Twilight can now be seen in many listing photos since it still adds a nice romantic touch to the home.

Twilight photography is done by an experienced photographer and is often taken between 5 and 10 minutes after dusk. The lighting in the house must be at the same level with the lights/sky

outside to create that wonderful balance between the two. The warmth of the lights within the house, the lack of shadows, and the backdrop of a mellow sunset make an attractive scene. There's something about seeing an image with sparkling lights within and an amazing sunset view that everyone enjoys.

Final Words

Hiring an experienced real estate photographer will add a whole new dimension to your presentation with twilight photography and other services proven to draw buyers.


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