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ZILLOW Certified

  16 images        $120  (small condo)

  20 images        $135  (small Single Family)

  25 images        $150  (1,200 - 1800 s.f.)

  30 images        $180  (2000  - 3000 s.f. )          

  35 images        $210  (3000 - 4500 s.f.)

  40 images        $230  (over 4500 s.f.)

  Over 40 images add $5.50 each


Our blended photo method surpasses conventional photography and even HDR to infuse the image with subtle character and color that more common methods fail to achieve. Images are captured with a blend of available light, flash and HDR to render the very best color and most natural appearance. Shadows are more open, wood grain is more visible and light fixtures retain more detail. This is the highest quality imagery you can achieve today and it is the standard for all our photography. You can see the comparisons here.

Unlike photographers that offer packages with good, better and best quality, we provide only one level of quality — the highest!


Photos only (10-12 shots)  Add-on $150

Video only (90 sec. total)  Add-on  $150

Photos and video (10-12 shots and 90 -  add-on $200

Photos and video alone $250

Aerial photography keeps the viewer's eyes on the page significantly longer. With so many Florida homes within a stone's throw of a lake, river or ocean, it's a sure winner of a shot.


We offer three kinds of video tours. A "walk-through" video room to room is a literal, unedited video tour from the front to the back of the house.

An edited sequence of video shots can show the 3D character of the space  — best for larger homes.

Finally, a hosted video tour features the agent or a professional actor as the host of the tour and mimics the kind of show seen on the HG channel. It can build your brand quickly.

Edited video add-on  up to 1500 s.f.   $100

                                    1500 - 3000 s.f.   $150

                                    3000 - 4500 s.f.   $175

                                    4500 - 6500 s.f.   $225       ​Edited video only      up to 3000 s.f.    $150

                                    3000 - 4500 s.f.   $175

                                    4500 - 6500 s.f.   $275

Hosted  - Ask for quote

front twilight_mls.jpg

The cusp of the day between dusk and dark that we call "twilight" can offer unique photographic opportunities and results in a magical image that sellers love and buyers are drawn to. It usually requires a dedicated trip for twilight photos, but if time, weather, or budget is a concern, ask for "virtual twilight".

Twilight photos on location (requires early evening appointment)  $125

We cannot combine twilight and regular photography because of the difference in the natural light. Five o'clock is our latest home appointment in summer, but the sun doesn't set for another 3-4 hours, therefore requiring a return visit to capture the sunset.

Virtual twilight is artificially created on a daylight photo. It does not require a separate shoot. $35 per image


It's no secret that vacant homes take longer to sell. Staging is costly, but virtual staging can solve the problem. Choose from a host of furniture suites for any room of the house, in virtually any style. 

Cost per room $45 (room must be empty of furniture)

Cost to clear room of furniture add $20

Matterport sample_edited.jpg

This is the solution to marketing during this pandemic period, and this is the 360 Tour you've been hearing about. We provide tours in virtual 3D through 360 technology. This is not a video. The 360 technique gives the viewer the ability to look all around in a 360 degree range of view . As opposed to the fixed timeline to a video, a 360 tour allows the viewer to set their own pace as they explore the property. With a mouse or touchpad, the tour in is the viewer's control. They can look all around, in every direction, up and down. They are virtually standing inside the property and moving through it. 

Zillow Express 360 (no floor plan) Exhibit on Zillow only

        up to 2500 s.f.     $95

        2500 - 4000 s.f.  $150

        4000 - 5500 s.f.  $200

        over 5500 s.f.     $250

Matterport Express (no floor plan) Exhibit anywhere. Hosted free 6 mos.

         Up to  3000 s.f.  $140

         3000 - 4000 s.f.  $175

         4000 - 5000 s.f.  $225

         over 5000 s.f.     $275

Floor plan only

         up to 3000 s.f.     $95

         3000 - 4000 s.f.  $125

         4000 - 5500 s.f.  $150

         over 5000 s.f.    $95 per module

         Unattached structures $95 per module.

Revised April 13, 2021

Serving Florida's East Coast From Satellite Beach to Palm Beach

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