A Definite Guide To Essential Do's And Don'ts Of Real Estate Aerial Photography

Online real estate marketing has evolved at a lightning-fast speed over the past decade. Technology has empowered real estate agents to show properties to their prospective buyers from the convenience of their own homes. Showcasing properties, residential or commercial, through aerial photography is one of the ground-breaking trends real estate photography has stepped to the next level.

Real estate aerial photography produces serene and captivating images, and this way of visual marketing speaks for itself. When it comes to aerial photography for the real estate sector, a study unveiled that homes with aerial photographs sell 68% quicker than those without. It provides an entirely different view (from different angles) to the buyers.

Drones are usually admired for their ability to click a unique vantage point, revealing the property's beauty from high above. Aerial photography and videography are utilized to capture still images, video, and even 360-degree panoramas for all sorts of real estate listings, such as residential homes, apartments, resorts, vacant land, commercial properties, etc.

If you're looking to hire a team of aerial photographers for your aerial real estate photography project, there are a few things to keep in mind. Keep reading the feature to know the essential dos and don'ts we at Property Pix follow.

Fundamental Dos and Don'ts We Make Sure When It Comes To Real Estate Aerial Photography

Determine Your Flight Path

Here you, as a client, will help us. We will learn your needs, such as what angles are to be highlighted, from which angles you need photographs and videography, etc. The flight path is basically how we will capture photos of your property from the right angle and different vantage points. With our specialized software, our team will map out the areas to shoot, the perfect angles, and what should be the tilt while capturing.

If you're an owner of multiple buildings, we will assist you in mapping out a flight plan and camera plan to understand what structures need to be photographed exactly and the vantage points, angles at which the photos are to be taken. The drones we use for real estate aerial photography come with pre-programmed flight modes, helping us capture pictures from unique angles and highlight your property's selective features. It's in your profit to plan the elements you need in your pictures in advance with your photography team to ensure smooth sailing on the shoot time.

Don't Rush Your Shoot

The most significant advantage of aerial photography is that it has the ability to capture breathtaking angles of a home, office, shopping complex, multi-level building, or campus. However, it is needless to mention that aerial photography needs good weather conditions to get that flawless shot.

Weather, wind conditions, and other factors out of your control seldom affect a photoshoot. Heavy winds can create shaky camerawork for videography- even if used along with stabilizers- if blows are powerful enough. We don't get frustrated waiting out a rainstorm or unexpected weather, and it's worth it. However, many photographers get agitated. Patience is the key to getting the work done in an efficient manner.