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Give Wings to Your Realty Business with Real Estate Videography in Florida

Is your Florida real estate business thriving? Is it rewarding your hard work to the degree you expected? What can you do to grow sales without cloning yourself?

The success of your real estate business today depends less on your sparkling personality and more on how you promote your listings. Old world promotion methods of mailings, door hangers, and such only reach a small audience. Obviously the internet is critical to your success, but how do you cut through the noise and stand out with your listings? Real estate videography in Florida is the right solution.

How Does Real Estate Videography Promote Your Listings?

Real estate videography in Florida enhances your listings in the following ways:

Engaging the prospect: Prospects who find a video with the online media are much more likely to watch. Those who watch even a portion of the video are more likely to click through to set an appointment.

Enhancing the product: Most listings are promoted with just photos. But when video is used, the product is seen through an enhanced lens. In other words, the use of music, motion and selective highlights, create a highly positive response in the viewer, which leads to a high click-through rate.

The Results You Get are Amazing: The cost/result analysis of using a video to showcase your listing property is highly positive. The “Hollywood” effect enhances the perceived quality of your property and moves the prospect closer to setting an appointment .

So, these are some of the advantages of using real estate videography. It is the best way to promote your listing for the least expense, or put another way, the best bang for the buck!

Now, the factors that you need to consider for real estate videography in Florida include the following:

Hiring One of the Best Architectural Photographers: You should be in a position to hire one of the best architectural photographers for videography.

Weather: The weather is an important factor that you need to consider for the successful videography of your property. Optimum conditions of the weather are generally in the morning.

Use of aerial footage: A drone can provide more excitement to the video than any other factor. Everyone loves aerial video footage, and when looking at your listing from the air the viewer gets to appreciate it from a whole new angle. Aerial footage is especially important when the property is near water, a golf course, a preserve or any nearby feature that you want to highlight. It also gives a real understanding of the size and layout of the property.

James Jontz, a graduate from the University of Richmond and with an M.A. from the University of Virginia, has enjoyed a robust career in the visual arts. As a videographer, he has authored award-winning productions of many Fortune 100 companies, and as a photographer, he built one of the top photo studios in the region. Combining his videography and photography skills, he has garnered accolades from his clients for his outstanding imagery and pro-active work style.

Briefly Put!

If your real estate business has could use a boost to the next stage, start using the full potential of marketing possibilities. Use videography in promoting your listings to add punch and excitement. Give wings to your marketing with real estate videography in Florida.


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